In case you’ve been living in outer space, let me be the first to inform you that both the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles have won their division championships. And they both clinched on the same day. If these teams keep playing the way they have all season, we may even see a beltway World Series.

Now I’ll admit it – I’m an Oriole fan who had lost faith in the team during the past twenty years as they’ve gone from mediocre season to mediocre season.  But they’ve won me back this year and they’ve won me back for a big reason – they are winning the old fashioned Oriole way.  They are winning not with a group of superstars, although they have some truly terrific players, but with a team of people pulling together as if they were one living organism. One never knows from game to game which player will lead the franchise to victory.  You just know they will win.

And the best part is that the same is true about the Nats. Yes, they have Strasburg, but they are not dominated by him or even two or three great players. They are a team and they play as a team.

But this isn’t really about baseball.  It’s about how organizations win.  And as has been demonstrated time and time again, they win with teamwork.   They don’t win when they have a group of ego-driven superstars all strutting their individual talents.  They win when the talents of the individuals are allowed to flower for the benefit of the whole group.  So much has been written about this that there is little new I can add.  But there are two thoughts I will put out for consideration.… Read More