I have been in the business of creating rental housing for almost 45 years. However, it has been 42 years since I’ve lived in an apartment. That is, my wife and I haven’t lived in an apartment until recently, when we decided to get a small pied-à-terre at an apartment community in Washington, DC. It’s an even better way to live than I had expected.

First, let me expand on why we decided to rent an apartment, especially since we haven’t sold our home and have no intention of doing so. We love Baltimore, a community in which we are very active and where, more importantly, our grandchildren live. We just decided it would be fun to be able to more easily and more often take advantage of some of the wonderful urban amenities offered in DC.  And it is fun.

When we come into our apartment building, we lock our car and forget it. We can walk to the grocery, drugstore, bank and almost any other service we need. We can walk to a local restaurant;  in fact, I think that without breaking a sweat, we can walk to at least four of them. And there are more coming.

When we want to go to a museum or the theater, we take a cab or call Uber. And because there is no home to maintain, we do go to museums. Of course, that’s the best part; there is no maintenance. If something goes wrong, we call Henry, and in no time it’s fixed. If we go away or go home, we lock the door, and don’t worry about much else.

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