By Toby Bozzuto, President, The Bozzuto Group

The multifamily industry has never been particularly at the forefront of technological innovation. Too often we’ve tended to follow, versus create, trends and be reactive, versus proactive, when it comes to introducing new ideas into the marketplace. And in today’s world, we’re having an even harder time keeping up.

While our industry has often been slow to adopt new technologies, the opposite, of course, is true of the electronics industry. As such, I decided to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held earlier this year to get a better understanding of what our customer may ultimately desire-perhaps even before they know they want it. My hope is that my company (and others like it in the industry) can become early adopters of new technology, ultimately influencing how our residents’ think about living in our product.

Needless to say, the CES was populated not by apartment developers, but instead by people from electronic, car, gadget and appliance companies. This is unfortunate, as what I learned at the show about the far-reaching implications of the “Internet of Everything” (IOE) has not only applicability to our industry but also the potential to radically change our approaches to designing and building the homes our customers choose to live in.

The Smart Home

While somehow I think people, in the future, will still use the Internet to do simple things like watch videos of cats playing the piano, a new dimension of the World Wide Web is clearly under development. Over the next few years, the Internet will cast a wider and wider web, exponentially expanding and multiplying in its power and utility. This will support an entire universe of things that you can control from anywhere.… Read More