Everyone is entitled to have some wishes and hopes for the New Year. Because my colleagues in our company’s marketing department talked me into creating this blog, I guess this is the place I should put at least some of mine. So, with your indulgence, here goes.

I wish that we can get through the year without a single American military man or woman injured in combat.

I wish that in 2012, unlike this past year, we have a Congress that earns its pay, a Congress that deals with its problems, pays its bills and votes for the good of the country and not just the good of their re-election campaign.

I hope that, for a change, our country has a President who has a backbone and who will do what is good for all the people, and not just what will get him votes.

I hope all the politicians will stop pointing fingers and trying to pin blame for the economic collapse and get on with governing.

I wish that the new North Korean president is less goofy than the last one.

I hope that we can get through a year with no blood shed in the Middle East.

I wish the Europeans good luck in keeping the Euro together—they will need it.

I hope that for one year our heros and celebrities—our athletes, movie stars, politicians, clergy—can keep their feet from turning to clay, or at the very least, keep their misdeeds off the front pages.

I hope that the economy will continue to recover, and yet that interest rates stay low for a bit longer.

I hope the Republicans select a presidential candidate that offers Americans a choice, and not just a laugh.

I hope that every baby born this year is as healthy, beautiful and smart as are my grandchildren.

I wish that every one of us can have a job that challenges, interests and rewards us.

And to anyone who actually reads this, my fondest wishes for a healthful, productive and happy New Year, filled with love, joy, challenge and success.