As we approach the Fourth of July, with our celebrations, our fireworks, and our parades, perhaps it is time to ask whether the politics of America today are what the Founders envisioned when they risked everything they had to form a new covenant.

America today is a country where our government is controlled by two political parties, each of which is in turn controlled by the most extreme elements in our society. On the right, we have a group of radicals who are so wound up by talk radio that they think the word “compromise” contains only four-letters.  On the left, the leadership blames the Republicans every time it rains. Talk with each other, deal with each other, work for the common good, God forbid!  They won’t do that. They are all pandering only to the most fringe elements of our society.

Too much has been sacrificed – first by those who founded our country, and then, through the generations, by many other men and women, who have worked and fought for freedom, liberty and the future of our community of Americans – for us to continue to elect and re-elect these fools to office. Americans can do better.  When it’s time to vote, vote for politicians who are willing to compromise – it’s not a bad word.

Give that a little thought with your hot dogs and beer. And have a joyous Fourth.