Have you ever wondered why we celebrate the new year? After all, it is the one holiday that is celebrated by almost everyone, everywhere on the globe. It is not a national holiday, like the Fourth of July, nor a religious holiday like Hanukah. It is not even a holiday where one has to worry about being politically correct in extending a greeting.

Well I have given it some thought, and I think we celebrate the advent of the new year because our sanity as men and women comes from a fundamental faith that the future will be positive, productive and happy. We celebrate because we realize how fortunate we are to be alive and have potential: potential to do good; potential to be better; potential to be what we want to be and accomplish what we want to accomplish.

As you create your list of what you hope to do in the new year, I would only urge you to spend a little time thinking about what you can do for others, whether they be those you know well or strangers on the street. After all, to some degree, the action of each of us will affect the new year for all of us.

So, as you prepare to celebrate, please accept my best wishes for a New Year that allows you to fulfill your every wish. Happy New Year.